Steve DiNino Golf

At Steve DiNino Golf you will receive the highest quality golf lesson using the latest in technology, and research.  Steve uses a number of different tools to help you improve your game.  Anything that is required for your game to improve Steve has access to those tools, and devices.

Steve is committed to continued education and is at the fore front of using cutting edge ideas to help your game improve.  Steve is constantly researching new ideas and teaching philosophies from the best around the world.  Once he has tested the new ideas and concepts and believe that it could help the everyday golfer he then will start to integrate the concepts into his teaching and lessons. 

Steve enjoys helping players of all ages and abilities reach their goals.  In Steve's teaching career he has helped players of all ages and abilities including PGA Canadian Tour player, former and current college golfers, best in state juniors and of course your everyday weekend golfer.

I have been taking lessons from Steve for over a year, and he is the best instructor I have had in my golfing experience. Steve is the only instructor that focused solely on a few basic techniques that are lacking in my swing. Steve is a patient professional who knows how to transfer his knowledge and skills to me. I highly recommend Steve!
— Tom Kennedy